Ultimate Code (2021)

Ultimate Code (2021)


A large corporation led by Mick, a megalomaniac CEO, announces to the world a miraculous microchip that will benefit mankind. The press conference is interrupted by Enoch, a former associate, working with a resistance group determined to stop Mick from executing his real plan, which is to control the world by implanting his microchip in people. Feeling threatened, Mick enlists the help of Xiao Yu, an elite assassin he had captured and imprisoned many years ago.

When Xiao Yu refuses to help him, Mick kidnaps his wife and daughter to pressure him. To save his family, Xiao Yu is forced to accept a mission to recover three pieces of source code that were stolen by the resistance and return them to Mick to complete his plan. During the mission, Xiao Yu meets Ye Yan, a reporter investigating the shadowy corporation. The fate of mankind rests in their hands.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre:Action; Adventure; Kidnapping; Thriller;


Guan Le, Wu Zhi Ting (1983), Shen Jun Yi (1957), Vincent Wai (1961), David Belle (1973), Meng Lu (1983), Philippe Joly (1976), Jackie Zhang (1990), Daniel He (1991)

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