Take Off 2 (Run-Off)

Take Off 2 (Run-Off)


What does it take to form a women’s Olympic national ice hockey team? A few middle-aged women, a middle school student, and maybe even a North Korean defector? Kang Dae Woong is tasked with pulling together a women’s national ice hockey team in the hopes representing South Korea in the Winter Olympics. What he is able to assemble is a hodgepodge group of women -- Lee Ji Won, Park Chae Kyung, Go Young Ja, Jo Mi Ran, Kim Ga Yeon, and Shin So Hyun -- who can barely skate, let alone strike a hockey puck. Can this lackluster group form a team to even dream of making it to the Olympics?

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre:Comedy; Drama; Sports;


Park Soo Ae (1979), Oh Dal Soo, Oh Yeon Seo (1987), Kim Seul Gi (1991), Ha Jae Sook (1979), Jin Ji Hee (1999), Kim Ye Won (1987), Park So Dam (1991), Jeong Seok Yong (1970), Kim Eung Soo (1961), Jang Dae Woong (2005), Lee Bong Ryeon (1981), Jo Hee Bong (1971), Lee Do Kyeong (1953), Yoon Hyeon Min (1985), Jo Jin Woong (1976), Yoon Kyeong Ho (1980), Jeong Tae Ya (1983), Lee Joon Hee (1977), Eom Tae Ok, Shin Soo Yeon (2004), Kwak Ji Yoo, Im Ji Yeon (1985), Kang Na Ra (1997), Kwak Jin (1979), Kim Yeon Jeong (1996), Hyeon Jik (1990), Eom Ji Man (1976), Seo Yoon Ha (1972), Shin Jae Yi (1989), Kim Mi Hye (1988)

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