Dali And The Cocky Prince (2021)

Dali and the Cocky Prince (2021)

Other name: 달리와 감자탕達利和馬鈴薯湯Dalli and GamjatangDal Li and GamjatangDalliwa GamjatangDalriwa GamjatangDal Ri and GamjatangDali & the Cocky PrinceДалли и дерзкий принцدالي والأمير المغرور


About the unexpected romance that occurs as Jin Mu Hak tries to steal an art museum from Kim Dal Li.

Park Gyu Young was offered the role of Kim Dal Li, who was a visiting researcher at Kröller-Müller Museum and then becomes the director of Chungsong Art Museum. She is a character whose speech and actions are always classy and considerate. Dal Li enjoys studying diverse fields such as art, philosophy, and religion, and she is proficient in seven languages.

Lee Jae Wook has been offered the role of Jin Mu Hak, whose family grew a tiny gamja-tang (spicy pork back bone stew) restaurant into the global food corporation DonDon F&B. Although he is a director of the company, he is far from intelligent and was always ranked last in his class when he was in school.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre:Comedy; Romance;


Jang Gwang (1952), Hwang Bo Ra (1983), Do Ji Won (1966), Ahn Kil Kang (1966), Kim Yong Woon (1976), Woo Hee Jin (1975), Kim Min Jae (1996), Park Kyoo Yeong (1993), Kwon Yool (1982), Seo Jeong Yeon (1975), Ahn Se Ha (1986), Lee Da Bin (Momoland) (1996), Hwang Hee (1988), Song Ji Won (1995), Lee Hyo Bi (2013)

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